Let’s start at the beginning

My heart troubles came to my attention in November of 2015. Before then I noticed being breathless. My fiance and I ,Stevie, went for about a 1.5 mile walk to see some sights in the area. It’s turkey point and has a lighthouse on a cliff that is nice to visit. I noticed the elderly and children making the treck with no problems. I was winded and panting hard on the way back. I figure I was just out of shape due to just being pregnant and I’ll get back on track in no time. Well the breathlessness became so intense I went to Union hospital at 2am one morning and I was put through many test that eventuallyi needed to make an appointment for a heart Dr.   Unfortunately there isn’t a heart Dr in my county that accepts my insurance so I have to travel to Bell Air, Md for test and the like. They did a cardiac catheterization to see where I was at. Luckily my valves seem to be clean and it’s the stretching of the heart from increase demand from child creation that is my main issue. I had to have a deffibulater (I beg you to excuse my awful spelling) inserted April 2016. It’s so if my heart stops I can have automatic “jump” to it. I have 2 kids and a wonderful fiance to live for so I will go to any mesure that I can to sustain life. I go July 11, 2016 to my heart Dr. After not seeing her in a year and 3months. Yes it’s due to my own neglect and foolishness. I’m prepared to meet with scorn from the Dr for my actions, or lack there of. I just hope it’s not too late got help. I don’t believe my heart as increased in health since my procedure. I worry it has decreased in health and I will be put on the heart transplant list. That in itself is a can of worms that I will deliver deeper into if the time comes. I hope not, I don’t want a ugly scar and all the pain recovery that will be required. I have Tessa to look after every day. I don’t have time for hospitals for treatment and recovery. My babies need me so it’s a balance of keeping myself on par and making sure they don’t worry or fear. I’ll fight to the death (which I believe will eventually come to that of course) for as long as I can. I love my family and I will definitely be there for them or literally, die trying 


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